4-Port Dual-Link Dual Monitors DVI/VGA USB KVM Switch w/ 7.1 Ch. Sound

The AL-704V Dual-Link Dual Monitors DVI/VGA KVM Switch is a 4-port TMDS-compliant Dual Monitor DVI/VGA KVM Switch designed for sharing two monitors/Flat Panel Displays –one Dual Link DVI and one VGA monitor specifically - between multiple multimedia computers with Dual Head display [1 x DVI + 1 x VGA]. Its 7.1 channel surround sound renders a theater digital audio experience that greatly enlivens your DVD playbacks or gaming sessions. You can sit back and enjoy to the full with live audio/video output from this KVM switch.

n   4-port Dual-Link Dual Monitor DVI/VGA KVM Switch w/ Audio & Mic

n   True Transparent USB emulation technology for any keyboard and mouse

n   Support Dual Monitor/Flat Panel Display displays [1 x DVI + 1 x VGA]

n   2 extra USB 2.0 device port for high-speed USB device sharing

n   Independent peripheral switching configurable by hotkeys

n   2 channel stereo sound for theater audio experience

n   Simultaneous/independent switching of audio/device/PC ports

n   All-time DDC emulation for ultimate video compatibility

n   Dual Link DVI is backward compatibile to Single Link DVI display

n   DVI-I Dual Link interface technology supports digital and analog video signal transmission

n   Resolution support up to Dual Link DVI 2560 x 1600 (digital) / 2048 x 1536 (analog)

n   Full driver support for all types of USB keyboard and mouse

n   Channel selection by push buttons and keyboard hotkeys

n   Multi-platform support PCs and Macintosh

n   Status LED display for easy port status monitoring

n   Buzzer sound for port switching confirmation

n   Metal enclosure for best shielding and protection

型号 AL-704V
产品说明 4端口双链路 DVI/VGA USB KVM 切换器/7.1声道;声音播放
连接端口数 4
控制端口数 1
控制端键盘界面 USB 型 A 母头 
控制端鼠标界面 USB 型 A 母头
控制端视频界面 DVI-I 母头 + VGA HDB15 母头
控制端音频(喇叭/麥克風)界面 6 × 3.5毫米音频/麦克风插孔母头
被控端键盘界面 4 x USB 型 B母头 
被控端鼠标界面 通过电脑键盘连接器 
被控端视频接口 4 x DVI-I 母头 + 4 x VGA HDB15 母头 
被控端音频(喇叭/麥克風)界面 24 x 3.5毫米音频/麦克风插孔母头 
电脑切换选择 按钮/热键 
电脑LED灯 4 (绿) 
集线器LED显示 4 (红) 
类比视频分辨率 2048 x 1536 
数字视频分辨率 2560 x 1600 
键盘及鼠标信号模拟 支持 (USB真实通透技术) 
自动扫描间隔时间 5~100秒 
操作溫度 0 ~ 40°C 
儲存溫度 -20 ~ 60°C 
湿度 0〜90%RH,非冷凝 
電源型式 2.1mm电源插孔 
电源变压器 DC 9V/2A 
重量 1.8Kg 
尺寸(長×寬×高 ) 323 x 100 x 88mm 
安規認證 FCC, CE 
线材型号 CAB-2035 / CAB-2036 / CAB-2008 / CAB-2016 


  • 2端口双链路 DVI/VGA USB KVM 切换器/7.1声道;声音播放
  • 2端口双链路双显示器 DVI USB KVM 切换器/7.1声道;声音播放
  • 4端口双链路双显示器 DVI USB KVM 切换器/7.1声道;声音播放
  • 2端口双链路双显示器 DVI/VGA USB KVM 切换器/音频,麦克风
  • 4端口双链路双显示器 DVI/VGA USB KVM 切换器/音频,麦克风
  • 2端口双链路双显示器 DVI USB KVM 切换器/音频,麦克风
  • 4端口双链路双显示器 DVI USB KVM 切换器/音频,麦克风