Prima T16

16-Port Rackmountable USB-PS/2 KVM Switch w/ OSD, Daisy-Chainable

The Prima 16 is a 16-port USB PS/2 Rackmount KVM Switch that is designed for computer/server management on a central console in corporate, factory as well as in campus computing environment. It provides the OSD Menu for intuitive KVM switching operations. Its cascadable feature can help upscale the server number to hundreds. The Prima KVM switches offer a dedicated controller per port to keep the mouse and keyboard alive even when the KVM switch is not powered on.  Excellent video quality with minimal degradation is guaranteed even when daisy-chained up to 8 units.  Perfect keyboard/mouse emulation provides high compatibility with machines and operating systems.

▪ 16-port 19” Cascadable Rackmount USB PS/2 KVM switch with OSD

▪ Cascadable up to 8 units using daisy-chain cable

▪ Daisy-chaining distance up to a total of 30 M

▪ Port capacity scalable up to 128 PCs (8 x Prima 16)

▪ USB and PS/2 interface support on both console and PC side

▪ Support Microsoft and Logitech standard 5-key mouse and compatibles

▪ Computer selection and operation using front-panel push buttons , keyboard hotkeys and OSD Menu

▪ Support for DOS, Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/XP, Linux, MacOS, etc.

▪ Numerical LED display and LED indicators for easy bank/port status monitoring

▪ Perfect keyboard/mouse emulation to ensure compatibility t to all machines and operating systems

▪ One controller per to keep alive even when the KVM is not powered on

▪ Enhanced PS/2 mouse reset hotkeys for non-PnP OS such as Win NT 4.0 and Linux

▪ Plug-and-Play for PnP OS, no Windows driver software needed

▪ Buzzer sound for hotkey and port switching confirmation

▪ Autoscan period programmable 5 ~ 95 through OSD Menu option

▪ Password protection

▪ Auto-logout timeout support

▪ High VGA resolution 2048 x 1536

▪ Firmware upgradable

型号 Prima T16
产品说明 16端口机架式USB - PS / 2 KVM切换器/ OSD菜单,菊花链式
连接端口数 16
控制端口数 1
最大电脑连接数 256 
控制端键盘界面 PS / 2母头+ USB A型母头 
控制端鼠标界面 PS / 2母头+ USB A型母头
控制端视频界面 VGA HDB15 母头
被控端键盘界面 通过视频连接器 
被控端鼠标界面 通过视频连接器 
被控端视频接口 16 x VGA HDB15 母头 
级联方式 菊花链 
菊链串接端口界面 HDB15 母头 HDB15 公头 
级联层数 16 
电脑切换选择 按钮 / 热键 / OSD 
电脑LED灯 16 (绿) 16 (红) 
类比视频分辨率 2048 x 1536 
键盘及鼠标信号模拟 支持 
OSD菜单 支持 
自动扫描间隔时间 5~99 秒 
操作溫度 0 ~ 40°C 
儲存溫度 -20 ~ 60°C 
湿度 0〜90%RH,非冷凝 
電源型式 PS / 2 + USB总线电源 
电源变压器 DC 9V/1A 
重量 2Kg 
尺寸(長×寬×高 ) 408.5 x 164 x 45mm 
安規認證 FCC, CE 
线材型号 CAB-2067 


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