4-User x 32-Port Matrix KVM Switch, Daisy-Chainable

The Prima-0432 Matrix KVM Switches combine various leading KVM technologies-conventional, CAT5 and IP KVM technologies - for a cost-effective and affordable solution for the SMB.  By adopting Prima Matrix KVM Switches, users can wield an ultra-flexible server administration either locally, remotely or over internet.  The efficiency and productivity of the server admins are greatly maximized with an affordable budget that makes the business owners as well as the admins smile.  For the freely changeable X-console on the backpanel of the Prima Matrix KVM Switch, there are three console modules available for option.  Users can freely specify any of the three modules to be added to the X-console slot on the backpanel and even change the module themselves according to their needs.


▪ Daisy-chainable up to 16 units contolling up to 272 computers

▪ Quad independent Consoles for concurrent access over 4 server desktops

▪ 1 x X-console addition for added strength for either local remote or IP access.

▪ OSD Menu control and smart system event alerts

▪ Firmware auto-upgrade/Manual upgrad mode specifiable by OSD

型号 Prima-0432
产品说明 4用户x 32端口矩阵式KVM切换器,菊花链
连接端口数 32
控制端口数 4
最大电脑连接数 272 
控制端键盘界面 PS / 2母头+ USB A型母头+ 通过X - 控制台+ 2 ×五类:通过视频RJ45 
控制端鼠标界面 PS / 2母头+ USB A型母头+ 通过X - 控制台+ 2 ×五类:通过视频RJ45
控制端视频界面 VGA HDB15 母头 + X-控制台 + 2 x CAT5: RJ45 母头
被控端键盘界面 通过视频连接器 
被控端鼠标界面 通过视频连接器 
被控端视频接口 32 x VGA HDB15 母头 
级联方式 菊花链 
菊链串接端口界面 HDB44 母头 
级联层数 16 
电脑切换选择 热键/ OSD / IP KVM查看器 
电脑LED灯 32 (绿) 
电源LED显示 1 (红) 
类比视频分辨率 2048 x 1536 
数字视频分辨率 1600 x 1200 
键盘及鼠标信号模拟 支持 
OSD菜单 支持 
自动扫描间隔时间 10~99 秒 
操作溫度 0 ~ 40°C 
儲存溫度 -20 ~ 60°C 
湿度 0〜90%RH,非冷凝 
電源型式 2.5mm电源插孔 
电源变压器 DC 5V/4A 
尺寸(長×寬×高 ) 438 x 200 x 44mm 
安規認證 FCC, CE 
线材型号 CAB-2067/CABL-2092(菊链) 


  • 2用户× 16端口矩阵式KVM切换器,菊花链
  • 4用户× 16端口矩阵式KVM切换器,菊花链