Expansion KVM for K5Prima series

2-user x 16-port CAT5 Matrix KVM Switch
Capable of daisy-chaining up to 8 units controlling 256 computers 
2 x PS/2&USB Local Consoles
System event real-time notification
8-user profile management
Firmware Auto-upgrade /Manual upgrade by OSD

▪ 2-user x 16-port Cascadable CAT5 Matrix KVM switch

▪ Dual Interface support for PS/2 and USB interface connections on both console and computer side.

▪ OSD Menu Control for unit configuration and switching operation

▪ System events (cables plugging in/off, computer power on/off, etc.) real-time notification on OSD popups

▪ Hotkey sequence configurable [Scroll Lock, CAPS, Esc, Num, F12]

▪ CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 UTP cable for KVM signals transmission

▪ Cabling distance up to 300 M / 1000 ft

▪ Dedicated Cascade port (DB26) to cascade up to 8 units controlling up to 256 computers

▪ Utilize a same computer modules -- K5CM1 -- for both USB and PS/2 computer connections

▪ Bank/channel selection and operation using keyboard hotkeys and OSD Menu

▪ OSD Menu functional features including:

o Port selection

o Active port indication on console OSD

o Computer connection type indication (PS/2 or USB)

o Computer Naming

o Load default

o Password Protection enable/disable

o Firmware version listing of each of the cascaded KVM switches and each individual computer modules.

o Firmware upgrade for CAT5 KVM and Computer Module – Autoupgrade / Manual upgrade

o Cascaded KVM Bank listing

o 8-user profile setting for each and every port access control

o Per-port Access configuration for Grant (full access) / Deny (no access) / View (View-only) mode

o OSD Time out

o OSD Title Bar on/off

o Autologout timeout

o Autoscan period

▪ Dual numerical LED displays to show bank numbering

▪ Port LED indicators to show port status (Active / Online)

▪ 19” rack mount design with metal enclosure for best shielding and protection

▪ Support for Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista, Linux, Mac and Sun

型号 K5Prima-0432EXT
产品说明 K5Prima系列扩展KVM
连接端口数 32
最大电脑连接数 256 
被控端键盘界面 通过视频RJ45 
被控端鼠标界面 通过视频RJ45 
被控端视频接口 32 x RJ45 母头 
级联方式 菊花链 
菊链串接端口界面 HDB44 母头 HDB44 公头 
电脑切换选择 热键 / OSD 
电脑LED灯 32 (绿) 
电源LED显示 1 (红) 
类比视频分辨率 1600 x 1200 
数字视频分辨率 1600 x 1200 
键盘及鼠标信号模拟 支持 
OSD菜单 支持 
自动扫描间隔时间 5~99 秒 
操作溫度 0 ~ 40°C 
儲存溫度 -20 ~ 60°C 
湿度 0〜90%RH,非冷凝 
電源型式 2.1mm电源插孔 
电源变压器 DC 9V/2A 
尺寸(長×寬×高 ) 438 x 200 x 44mm 
安規認證 FCC, CE 
线材型号 K5CM1 加密狗 


Prima 0416 EXT
  • Prima系列扩展KVM